OK, we all get it, procurement is hard.  Sometimes I think that wrangling 100 cats would be easier, but there are times we have to step back from all the biting and scratching and look at where we're spending our time and energy.  This last week I saw some fascinating statistics around Services spend.


So often we think only of temp labor, but did you know there are over 20 major categories of services spend?  Furthermore, I saw how much spend is typical for different industries and to say it's significant, well just look at the summary below:


Airline - 37%; Auto & Transportation - 20%; Business Services (Consulting, Insurance, Media) - 75%; Consumer Products - 31%; Financial Services - 85%; Healthcare - 44%; High Tech Hardware - 50%; Industrial Manufacturing - 47%; Oil, Gas, Chemicals - 43%; Pharmaceuticals - 64%; Retail - 66%; Software - 69%; Telecom - 79%; Utilities - 71%


So if you ask me, being sure that my eProcurement strategy has a clear services piece integrated to it may be just the "squeeky toy" needed for the next "cat wrangling" session.