You already have SAP, Oracle or another ERP eProcurement system,  but not everyone uses it and keeping it updated is a hassle.  Below are 5  important tips along with other resources for improving the adoption and  increasing the spend through your ERP eProcurement module.
  1. 1.Enable suppliers/catalogs that  represent at least 65%+  of your spend
  2. 2.Enable services categories such as  consulting, print, temp  labor, marketing and others.
  3. Ensure  catalogs are updated regularly, minimum  quarterly.
  4. 3.Make sure pricing is  accurate.
  5. 4.Provide  on-demand training for users who are not accustomed to the ERP  system.
If you would like to learn more, join our webinar on April 29, 11AM ET: Best Practices in eCatalog ManagementRegister for this webinar and download other resources including Improving  User Adoption and Contract Compliance with Your Existing Procurement  Platform whitepaper.