Q: For products like business cards that require additional information about the individual placing the order.  What type of catalogue works best?


A: For very simple value added products like business cards, a CIF catalog can sometimes be used, however for more complex print and other services such as temp labor, marketing services, consulting and facilities, a CDF catalog is used as part of a Services Procurement Solution. Learn more by clicking here.


Q: Do you use catalogs for services or do you use a services procurement solution?


A: Catalogs (SKU based) can be used for reorders for value added products such as print.  Best Practices show that catalogs for many services should be used as part of a services procurement solution.  A good example of this would be the Ariba Temp Labor Catalog.  This catalog includes over 1,000 industry job descriptions along with 14 categories.  It improves communication with suppliers and saves implementation time.


Q: What is the average and max. level for catalog buying (versus free text) that can be reached for IT, professional services  Marketing & Sales?


A: Trying to purchase off catalog (free text) severely limits the benefits of your eprocurement system.  Using Ariba Services Procurement any type of service can be purchased with no dollar limitation including IT, PS and Marketing and Sales.  A Services Procurement Solution delivers the following benefits that you miss with free text purchasing:

  • Spend visibility
  • Online collaboration with suppliers to deliver competitive proposals and maximum value
  • Contract/Rate card compliance
  • Approval control
  • Preferred supplier compliance

Q: How do you set up service type catalogs with variable pricing and basket purchases?


A: Variable pricing or rate cards in services such as contingent labor, consulting, print, marketing services, facilities, and others can be easily accomplished with Ariba Services Procurement.  http://www.ariba.com/solutions/procurement/servicesprocurement.cfm   This uses the same platform and interface as Ariba Procurement for goods.