We are pleased to   announce that the deployment of Ariba On-Demand Release 11s2 is   planned for September 3, 2011*. The planned features for   Release 11s2 are focused on the following solution areas:

  • Ariba        Procure-to-Pay and Ariba Procure-to-Order
  • Ariba        Services Procurement
  • Ariba        Procurement Content
  • Ariba        Invoice Professional


This release takes existing features to the next level   with sophisticated functionality and delivers new Ariba Commerce Cloud   capabilities for advanced interoperability with external systems.

You Will Automatically Receive the Upgrade to Release 11s2 – No Action Is   Required

We   currently expect to begin the upgrade from Release 11s1 to Release 11s2 at   8am US Pacific Time on Saturday, September 3. Please be aware that the   deployment downtime will be somewhat longer than for past releases. We   currently estimate that the scheduled deployment downtime for Release 11s2   will be approximately 19 hours.


This deployment process will impact all of the   On-Demand solutions listed above: the system will not be available that day   while the upgrade is implemented worldwide.

  • You        do not have to do anything to request or accept the upgrade.
  • Your        data, system configuration, and administration personalization will not        be affected.
  • We        will send an email notice with more deployment timing details no less        than 10 days prior to the deployment date.


Feature Information   for Ariba On-Demand Release 11s2*

For an overview of specific features and enhancements   planned as part of Ariba On-Demand Release 11s2, click here*. There is a wealth of   detailed information available about Release 11s2 including recorded feature   preview webinars, individual recorded demonstrations of new features, and the   Release Guide, all conveniently accessible on Ariba Connect:

  • Release        11s2 feature materials are available from the On-Demand Product Info        Pages accessible from the home page of Ariba Connect: from the list of        Product Info Pages select the desired solution, and then on the Resources tab see the Documentation section and select the Release 11s        Series Customer Readiness Resources link.
    • Temporarily         (through August), all of the Release 11s2 feature materials are also         accessible on the home page of Ariba         Connect under the heading On-Demand Release 11s2.
  • You        can also access the 11s2 Release Guide from your Ariba solution by        selecting Help then Guides from the upper-right hand        corner of your user interface.


We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity   to become familiar with the new features and capabilities planned for Release   11s2. After reviewing the recorded webinars, recorded feature demonstrations,   and the Release Guide, you can continue the Release 11s2 feature discussion   on Ariba Exchange (if you are new to Ariba Exchange, clickhere to register).


Readiness Change   Log Updates

We would like to highlight the following changed/new information   that has arisen since the Release 11s2 Feature Preview webinars were   conducted in June.


Ariba Integration   Toolkit

With the deployment   of Release 11s2, all previous versions of the Ariba Integration Toolkit are   deprecated. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the Release 11s2 version   of the Toolkit as soon as possible, but must upgrade to the latest available   version within 18 months of Release 11s2 general availability. Please see   the 11s2 Release Features section of the Ariba Procurement and   Invoicing Solutions 11s Release Guide for detailed information.


Accruals Export   Deprecation Reminder

This is a reminder   that the Accrual Export feature has been deprecated as previously announced   during the 10s1 feature knowledge transfer sessions. Customers new to Ariba   Procure-to-Order or Ariba Procure-to-Pay starting with release 10s1 were   advised to use the Financial Information Export feature to create accrual   reports. See the Ariba Procurement Data Import and Administration Guide for   more information.


Ariba continued to   support the deprecated Accrual Export feature to give existing customers time   to implement one of the following methods to generate accrual transactions:


  • Generate        Accruals using the RNI prepackaged report.
    • See         the Ariba Procurement User Guide for more information on this         prepackaged report.
  • Export        all transactional data to ERP systems using the Financial Export        feature.
    • See         the Ariba Procurement Data Import and Administration Guide for         more information on this feature.


If you are still   using the Accrual Export feature:

  • Please have your   Designated Support Contact reach out to Ariba Customer Support (via Ariba Connect) to help you move to one   of the supported options for accrual exporting.
  • NOTE: The Accrual   Export feature will be removed from the Ariba solution with an   upcoming Release 11s2 service pack.

Customer Support   Information for Ariba On-Demand Release 11s2

If you have any questions regarding Release   11s2 or the upgrade process, please contact Ariba Support via Ariba Connect.

Ariba’s goal is to bring you solutions and services that help   deliver measurable results to your business. We greatly value you as a   customer, and thank you for using Ariba solutions.


Ariba Release Readiness


*This information reflects the status of   Ariba’s planning as of August 2011 and the features and release schedule   discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no   responsibility for errors or omissions in this communication and nothing in   this notice should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to   include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.

Note: All dates in this communication are based on US Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).