Consulting Services & SOW Projects: Manage Better, Spend Less

Contract labor frequently includes consultants and Statement of Work (SOW) contracts.  What’s the definition of a 100% successful project?  A project that is delivered on-time, at or under budget and the expected results are achieved.  Many times, none of the three criteria are achieved.  Consulting and contracting projects in most organizations are usually highly decentralized, typically resulting in out of control scope, missed deadlines, lost opportunities and blown budgets.  The consequences for a poorly run project can be devastating to an organization as well as careers.  How can HR, Procurement and other departments deliver a win/win for the organization?  This webinar hosted by (April 24, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET), will provide an industry overview with statistics as well as an update on market conditions and contracting strategies. Best practices will be discussed to optimize your current processes around choosing and onboarding contractors.  This will include some do’s and don’ts around writing a Statement of Work (SOW).


Whether your project involves milestone, fixed-fee, time, time and materials, or a combination, you'll hear how to save money and keep it on track. Topics include:


•       Consulting and contracting trends

•       Reducing project costs

•       Standardizing processes

•       Company case studies

•       Tips on writing effective Statements of Work agreements

•       Recommendations and Resources


In addition you’ll be provided access to a community to exchange ideas and best practices with your peers and suppliers. Anyone involved in acquiring contract talent or engaging in consulting services should attend especially HR and Procurement.


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