Kurtz's Korner - Ariba LIVE


Today, I am writing to you from Ariba LIVE….well, at least I’m writing from the recovery period after Las Vegas.  As has become the tradition in recent years, it was the best LIVE ever.  If you missed it, make sure you check out recordings of some of the great main stage and break out session presentations.

As I reflect back on the event, I think the presentation that created the most lasting memory for me was Susan Lasecki-Corio’s from Anglo American (Supply Chain Transformation:  What You Need to Succeed).  Besides the over $ 1 billion in incremental value delivered by her team, what was particularly memorable was the La Fancy Kay story.

So many customers talk about the importance of supplier development – particularly the development of small, diverse suppliers.  However, so few have such amazing success stories as this one.  La Fancy Kay’s CEO, Kholo Mabilo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GtPgnzgdLM&list=PLA4EB45C6FC759169&index=12&feature=plpp_video) spoke about both her dream of becoming an “employer” to many people but also a partner of tremendous value for her customer.  Hers was an inspiring story of vision, passion, and achievement.

The Ariba community has many companies like Anglo American who focus on driving spend to small and diverse suppliers.  As many of you know, one of the greatest stimulants of the macro-economy is the small business segment, which represents over 60% of all private sector, non-farm jobs in the United States.  Likewise, minority owned-businesses are critical to the economy and assist with economic development of local communities and building the spending power of these communities.  

For those companies with focused initiatives to drive spend to small and diverse suppliers, I’ve seen customers use Ariba in several ways:

1.       Find qualified suppliers - Ariba Discovery allows you to find new, qualified suppliers, many of whom include their business profile , so you can identify small and diverse suppliers.  

2.       Drive transactions to small and diverse suppliers.  The AN includes the following supplier categories of self-registered suppliers:

·         Women-owned businesses – over 13,000 suppliers (nearly 700 of whom support catalogs)

·         Minority-owned businesses – nearly 9000 suppliers (approximately 500 support catalogs)

·         Veteran-owned businesses – over 4500 suppliers (with approximately 300 supporting catalogs)

·         Small-businesses – over 2500 suppliers (with over 200 supporting catalogs)

3.       Measure small and diverse supplier spend – many of our customers use our solutions and transactions via the Network to report on their spend

If you’re a small or diverse business, you can leverage Ariba the way companies like MarkMaster (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy6bMfUgHd4&list=PLA4EB45C6FC759169&index=20&feature=plpp_video) and SHI have and:

·         Register on Ariba Discovery and the Ariba Network – make sure you update your business profile to include your status, so that buying organizations can find you.

·         Develop eCommerce capabilities to support basic enablement and more importantly catalogs – companies are always looking for eCommerce savvy suppliers.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic.


Jason Kurtz

Vice President and General Manager, Ariba Network and Financial Solutions