At the heart of every procurement system is a catalog. Even in an environment lacking automation, requisitioners consult a hard copy or customer service reps use a catalog at the other end of a phone line. So it stands to reason that getting everyone to use the correct catalog from a preferred vendor at the contracted price will ensure that negotiated savings from sourcing and contracting activities are actually realized.


Organizations that are new to eCatalogs usually excel at identifying the top suppliers to enable first in their system. The top three categories that most organizations do well with are:

1. Office Suppliers

2. IT Equipment

3. MRO


Depending on your industry, services can be one of the largest spend categories and is often overlooked. Categories that can comprise up to 80 percent of indirect spend and should be investigated include:

1. Temp Labor

2. Consulting

3. Print

4. Marketing Services


Finally, a successful catalog technical lead will need to have the skills required to understand content requirements, educate suppliers on these requirements, cleanse and manipulate large amounts of catalog data, and troubleshoot technical errors that may occur during the enablement.


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