What is in an Approval Rule?

Configurable approval rules provide browser-based management of all aspects of approval process creation and deployment.  For each type of approvable document (also referred to as an approvable), you can build a flow diagram of approval rules, defining the conditions and actions for each rule.  Lastly, you can then test the approval process by previewing approval flows generated for selected test approvables.


  • Graphical representation of approval processes allows you to clearly see and manipulate the behavior of approval rules.
  • You can manage approval processes from one location in the user interface.
  • Approval process management includes versioning and audit-tracking of successive changes.
  • A default set of predefined approval processes is available for you to use, copy, and customize. You can also create new approval processes with simple or complex behaviors.
  • You can create approval processes for eForms
  • When defining each approval rule in an approval process, you can use predefined conditions or build your own. You can base conditions on out-of-the-box fields, flex fields, and flex master data associated with the approvable. (Flex master data is a flexible data structure designed specifically for your site.)
  • You can configure approval rules to generate approval requests based on data in an approver lookup table.
  • You can filter generated approval requests using predefined filter rules such as Remove Duplicates.
  • Approvable edit rules let you configure the policy for editing approvables that have already entered the approval process.
  • You can configure the approval processes for collaborative requisitions (Ariba Procure-to-Pay, Ariba Procure-to-Order) and shopping cart approval processes (Ariba Procurement Content) to require that purchasing agents collaborate with a minimum number of suppliers and receive their bids before completing the purchasing process.


For more information, reach out to your Customer Manager (CEx)!