Development of your Supplier Enablement Program:  What should you be thinking about?

Moving your organization from a traditional paper or manual environment to an electronic process takes planning:

  • What resources will be needed to support this process?
  • How will roles within our organization change?
  • What policies and procedures need to be reviewed/changed?
  • What will the affect be on our Buyer community?
  • What will the affect be on our Supplier community?

  Think about this as a Program and not a Project: 

  • This should be developed to be a standard, ongoing program and not a short term project.
  • This kind of planning and preparation will ensure that you will be able to manage business processes and supplier relationship long after your work with Ariba project teams come to an end.

  Having internal buy-in from key areas within your organization is key to success: 

  • Solicit ideas/input from all areas within your organization where this change will have an impact:
  • Accounts Payable; Procurement; Information Technology; Sourcing; Legal; Tax
  • Ensure that you have internal compliance with key business partners up front

  Build a strong supplier compliance plan: 

  • The most successful organizations who implement Ariba solutions have a strong supplier compliance plan.
  • It is extremely important to document your compliance plan and enforce it from the onset.
  • It is easier to relax your policy for a few suppliers as the need arises than it is to try enforce strict changes down the line.


Let Ariba help you with this!  Reach out to your Ariba Customer Manager, or click here if you are not sure who this person is for your organization.