What is a PCard?

  • PCards are charge cards issued by a bank or other financial institution for Business-to-Business purchasing of goods and services.
  • PCards are typically targeted at low dollar purchases, which account for a high percentage of transactions.
  • PCards usage is similar to a personal credit card.
  • PCard is an electronic method where the supplier receives payment directly from the bank
  • Invoice is another alternative to request payment but works differently.




Purchasing Functional Excellence

  • Improved visibility of spend by supplier, commodity, etc.

Corporate Indirect Purchasing

  • Better controls in one place for small $$ purchases.

Purchasing Operations

  • Improved visibility of spend by supplier, commodity, etc.


  • Accurate visibility into accruals for forecasting and budgeting

Accounts Payable

  • Increased compliance
  • Reconciliation of Payments with Bank Statement


  • Lower administrative overhead due to less disparate systems


PCard Benefits for Buyers

  • Improved payment and reconciliation .
  • Faster delivery of goods or services.
  • Better control over spending.
  • Elimination of invoice processing .
  • Simpler accounting since charges are delivered on a consolidated invoice.
  • Increased accountability since charges can be matched to one order .