Those famous words, Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan, by Vince Lombardi, apply to all situations; but in my mind, none better than Adoption Planning for your Ariba solutions. When working with customers, I liken this process to planning for a road trip. It is doubtful you would ever just hop in the car and drive from NY to CA. There would be some advanced planning involved. You would take the time to think through how much time you had to get from here to there, what you would do if you encounter trouble along the way, and so forth. So, why would you not have the same plan for your Ariba solutions?


By creating a reference point, one can look at tasks that must be accomplished, problems that need to be solved, and/or workloads that should be prioritized and scheduled. Employees tend to be more efficient when they create a work plan. Stress can also be reduced when an overview of a worker's to-do list is typed or written on paper, rather than internalized.  It is never too late to put your plan in place and it also can be as big or small as needed.


The key is getting started. Here are a few tips to get you thinking about your plan:


• Understand Current Goals and Objectives

• Business Goals

• Solution Goals

• Understand Future Goals and Objectives

• Business Goals

• Solution Goals


⇒ Identify the drivers that will help you achieve “success and adoption”

⇒ Lay out your goals, objectives and timelines

⇒ Translate these into action items

⇒ Define KPI’s that will help monitor progress against the plan

⇒ Monitor progress (actual results vs. plan)

⇒ Identify and resolve issues


By understanding where you want to go, you can develop a plan with actionable steps to drive for results.  Don’t forget your adoption plan is a living document – goals and objectives may change along the way and you can make adjustments and corrections as priorities shift or change.


Where do you start?

1. Assess current state— understand business challenges

2. Map goals and objectives appropriately - strategically plan

3. Develop opportunity inventory—quick wins

4. Create inventory of recommendations for execution

5. Gain alignment with business stakeholders

6. Develop action plan(s) and assign ownership

7. Prioritize actions and assign accountability for results

8. Work with your Ariba team!


Next Week:  Solution Adoption Planning — Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan Part II   -- What Does Success Look Like To You? It Isn’t the Same For Everyone!