What Does Success Look Like To You? It Isn’t the Same For Everyone


By understanding where you want to go, you can develop a plan with actionable steps to drive for results.  Don’t forget your adoption plan is a living document – goals and objectives may change along the way and you can make adjustments and corrections as priorities shift or change.


What value does your business want to receive from your investment in the Ariba solutions?


• eSourcing xxx % of total spend

• Running xxxx # of RFx events through the system

• Reducing average the contract (re)negotiation time by xx days

• Process efficiency

• Better communication and collaboration


Your definition of Success is the starting point for the rest of the plan.


What are the drivers that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be?


• Effective user adoption

• Organizational change

• Process alignment


Your goals and objectives need to be supported by action items. These can be high level and linked to more granular plans, such as your deployment and change management plan.



Success Plan 2.jpg

Translate your goals into an action plan:

Goal – Save $20M in 12 months

    1. Objective – $5M in indirect spend first 6 months
      1. Opportunity – Spend, Tools, People, Measures
        1. (Sourcing)
          • Action - Identify target categories of spend for action (Spend)
          • Action - Establish sourcing environment
        2. (Tools)
          • Action - Train team and prepare forexecution
        3. (People)
          • Action - Track savings (Measure)

           2. Objective – $15M in indirect spend last 6 months

      1. Opportunity – Spend, People, Culture, Measure (Sourcing)
        • Action - Identify categories of spend for action (Spend)
        • Action - Engage with spend owners (stakeholders) to drive commitment
      2. (People, Culture)
        • Action - Track Savings and Share Results (Measures, People, Culture)


You don't have to go at this alone.  Talk with your Client Engagement Executive/Account Manager and how they help or if you want to have Ariba help you with a more programmatic approach, talk to your Ariba team about Ariba Value Engineering/Success Planning Services.  Check out the attached data sheet for more detail.


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