Hello everyone!  HP is happy to be hosting the upcoming Sourcing User Group conference on January 21, 2010 in Plano, TX.  We have had a tremendous amount of support for the upcoming User meeting, and already have about 35 people confirmed to attend.  Just a reminder to let Polly Kruse (pkruse@ariba.com) know ASAP if you plan to join us.


We are still in the process of formulating the agenda, and will have it solidified probably by the week of January 4th.  If you've already sent your topics to Polly, great; if you are planning to attend and would like to comment on the list of potential topics, please let us know by contributing to this post!


Potential topics include:

  • Total Cost Events and Bid Optimization
  • Scoring and Team Grading
  • Advanced Event Types—What are they?
  • What’s New in 10s2 Release
  • Improving Your Sourcing Success
  • Savings Pipeline and Tracking
  • Advanced Sourcing Strategies
  • Integration to Third Party Systems


The plan is to begin the day around 8:30/ 9:00am and to end around 4pm, with an optional networking event planned thereafter. Hope to see you soon!