Ariba Knowledge Nuggets



  • Current suppliers deserve special attention, as they have more at risk than other suppliers and as a result, are more cautious of the project.
  • Contact current suppliers before contacting other suppliers and before publication of any RFX to incumbents do not hear of the project from another source.


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When suppliers receive a strong, consistent and credible message of commitment to the process, they logically participate!

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New suppliers should be provided with adequate attention and information: They may need extra attention to help them to see that this is a real business opportunity and not just an exercise to obtain savings from the current supplier(s).

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Best Practice: Q&A Board

  • Agree on a process up front

  • Avoid vague/rushed answers

  • Do not contradict existing event terms/specifications

  • Public vs private responses

  • If the answer already exists in the event start with ”The answer you seek is located….”

  • Check the question for identifying information

  • Consider using MS Word, then copy/paste

  • Answer questions ASAP without sacrificing quality….24 hours or less

  • Editing responses….auto e-mails are not specific, send messageIf the need arises to e-mail suppliers outside the tool… “BCC”

  • If questions are received outside the Q&A board direct the supplier to post the question

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