Today we announced the delivery of category management expertise via the Ariba Commerce Cloud. Ariba Category Management Services is a mix of technology, capabilities and community. In other words, our solutions, Ariba Network and global category management team can be utilized by customers in a scalable way through the Ariba Commerce Cloud. For some, that will mean individual projects they need assistance with, while for others it will mean long term strategic supply chain management. But the point is, we're using The Cloud to deliver capacity, tools and expertise to pitch in when and where you need help.


Pat Furey, who manages our global category management team, describes it this way:


“With Ariba Category Management Services, companies can balance their internal resources with external skills and capabilities that can be scaled to accommodate their business needs as they evolve and change. These companies benefit from the application of industry-leading technology and best practice processes that allow them to see where they are spending their money, find trading partners, negotiate optimal terms and prices, manage supplier performance, place orders and better manage commerce flow.”


And according to the data, the time is still very, very right for realizing cost savings in quite a few categories. Our category management team is seeing average savings of more than 12 percent across a range of categories, including:


  • Logistics
  • Packaging
  • Capital Goods
  • Human Resources
  • Construction and Engineering
  • MRO
  • IT Hardware
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Travel and Fleet
  • IT Services
  • Telecom


If you need more information on Ariba Category Management Services, you can read up on it here or reach out to me directly and I'll connect you with right resources.