I recently asked my fellow Strategic Sourcing & Procurement group members on LinkedIn for topics they’d like to cover on our monthly conference calls this summer. Lots of great ideas, but the one that caught my eye as an opportunity to have an immediate impact was the suggestion by a Supply Chain Analyst at a chemical manufacturer that we discuss the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and it’s impacts on supply chains. Great opportunity to put collective heads together to talk about observations, insights and coping strategies.


So, this Friday at 9am Pacific Time, we’ll be hosting a call. Anyone is welcome to join, but you’ll have to become a member of the Strategic Sourcing & Procurement group to get the dial in details (request to join here).


Some of the questions we plan to cover are:



  1. How is oil spill affecting freight ports in Gulf, Houston in particular? What affect will there be to transportation industry in the area? Short term, Long term effects?
  2. Some chemical industries are being affected because of the chemicals used in the cleanup effort. What other industries are being affected? What about detergents and other surfactants used for cleaning birds, etc?
  3. Along the same line as the above question, what commodites do we expect to see a marked increase in price?


Anything others you want to make sure we cover? Leave them below in the comments.