2011 Sourcing Feature Survey Results…


I wanted to thank all that have responded to the 2011 Sourcing Feature Survey.  The responses had some surprises and some that I knew would be right near the top.  I also appreciate all the comments supplied with the responses.  Having both your scores and comments really helps to give some depth to the responses.


I have filtered the initial list from 25 down to the top 10 based upon the survey responses.  I would like to hear from the Ariba Sourcing community which of these ten need to be ranked the highest and why you feel that way.  I am thinking some customer’s use case might influence others and really push the really most important issues to the top!


To keep everyone focused, I plan to post five of the top 10 for the initial discussions.  I will add the 2nd five in a week or so.


The First Five Features:

  • Expand Event      Limits(Items/Suppliers/Terms)        
    • Buyers       want to run larger and larger events, and have the ability to optimize on       such is a must. The ability to have more line items/terms and suppliers       is desired.
  • Messaging Improvements - package 02     
    • 1.       Include “To” columns
    • 2.       Sorting on all columns
    • 3.       Show all event messages to the Event Owner, not just the ones I       sent/received
    • 4.       Ability to turn off the suppliers’ email from the “reply field” in the       sent email to keep from corresponding outside the event
  • % completion on RFI's/surveys
    • Ability       for the buyer to see a % completion figure for each of the respondents       that have indicated they intend to participate.
  • Grading and Scoring Improvements -      Package 02  
    • 1.       Grading Page Pivot UI/Performance Improvements
    • 2.       Ungraded Questions Filter - allow for a filter on the Grading Page to       show only ungraded questions
    • 3.       Offline Grading via Excel/Word - at minimum, allow for a very usable       print version of the Grading Page, so it can be distributed to external       graders to record their grades, and have them entered manually.  The ideal solution would be a way for       grades to be collected offline and then imported into the system.
  • Improve Supplier Response Team  
    • Add       the ability to create a Supplier Response Team after the event has been       published.



Second Five Features…

  • RFx Print Feature Enhancements    
    • Ability       for the buyer to generate the RFx print for all suppliers in that       responded and download them.  Also,       for the supplier to be able to generate theirs no matter the event       status.  Currently, the event has       to be in Pending Selection.
  • OK Processor for outgoing emails
    • Currently,       we provide a message if a message to a supplier that fails to reach the       supplier because of a bad email address.        This would provide the ability to tell if an outgoing email has       arrived successfully at the destination site.
  • Messaging Improvements - package 01
    • 1.       Show a replied to message as “replied to” for all the buyers
    • 2.       Ability to Export all messages
    • 3.       Search in Message Board on both headers and content
    • 4.       Add a message filter for all messages from participants and related       responses
    • 5.       “Question” and “Question Answered” tick
  • Messaging Improvements - package 03
    • 1.       Ability to message what was updated during a RTE
    • 2.       Team members receiving messages when events change status
    • 3.       Ability to resend event invitation from within event
    • 4.       Ability to control which messages are going via email or popup       notification
  • Grading and Scoring Improvements -      Package 01  
    • 1.       Ability to display an Event Scorecard
    • 2.       Show a rank for participants based upon Score
    • 3.       Multiple Scoring Scenarios/Scorecards per event"
  • Grading and Scoring Improvements -      Package 03  
    • 1.       Grading Excel Report/Export - provide a nice report that summarizes the       grading and scores for the event
    • 2.       Grading of Autoscore Values



If you have an opinion on these features and want to influence their final prioritization, start a discussion in the Sourcing Community and let us all know what you think!


Thank you!


David Morel

Senior Solution Manager



Updated: Added the second top 5 features. (8/4/2010)