• Refining and Finalizing Your Shortlist:  Ariba Spend Visibility contains a wealth of relevant sourcing information. However, there are other factors that need to be considered and used to filter your shortlist. Once you have a shortlist in place, you need to further refine it by looking at criteria outside of the Ariba Spend Visibility solution. If you have other Ariba solutions in place, you may be able to review some of these factors without even logging out. Others will require work outside of your Ariba dashboard. Other “non-sourcing” areas that you should investigate outside of your Ariba Spend Visibility solution include:
    • Contract status: Are contracts in place for the category? When do they expire?  Customers of Ariba Contract Management can leverage their contract information through the dashboard.
    • Sourcing activity: Is a sourcing event already underway for a specific category?  Customers of Ariba Sourcing™ can check the sourcing activity through the dashboard.
    • Balance of Trade: Is the primary supplier(s) also a large customer, meaning it will be politically difficult to switch suppliers and limit your leverage?
    • Unmanaged Categories: If no sourcing team is covering categories or spend managed locally, there is not much you can do.  After you have removed all categories that cannot be sourced or are unlikely to yield significant savings due to external factors, you have your final pipeline and forecasted sourcing savings.


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