Did you know that Ariba’s Savings Pipeline and Tracking provides companies with a powerful method for driving and evaluating the impact of your sourcing programs, helps you to define your sourcing program activities and measure your success by tracking and reporting savings and spend?


  • Documents upcoming sourcing activities by creating projects in a “planned” state and reporting on this data along with active projects, providing a shared projection of upcoming pipeline that can be viewed and managed
  • Provides insights into project resources to ensure adequate staffing
  • Provides the ability to capture and report on Estimated, Negotiated, Implemented and Actual Savings and Spend
  • Allocation detail allows savings to be analyzed across many dimensions, including Time Period, Region, Department, Supplier, and Spend Type
  • Leverages ACM Document Control for Access Control, Version Control, Document Search and Approval Process
  • Optional integration with Sourcing to pull in savings data from events


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