You and your sourcing team have put a lot of time and energy into the hunt for new suppliers; reviewing trade publications, cruising the web, seeking referrals, hiring consultants, and perhaps hanging out in trade shows. No wonder the process consumes nearly 30% of your resources! 

A free, easy-to-use, web-based service, Ariba Discovery opens the door to the Ariba Network and more than 600,000 suppliers  across 19,500 commodity codes.   Ariba Discovery suppliers are in more than 115 countries and 40% have over $10M in annual revenue, 36% have global reach and over 23,000 are engaged in supplier diversity or green initiatives. Starting now, you can locate new sources in just three simple steps: post requirements, field responses, and assess capabilities.  You can source more categories, manage RFP development, respond to bids, award contracts, and more, all on a single platform.
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Customer Success Lunch 'n Learn Series - Ariba Discovery: Driving the Next Revolution in Sourcing
Tuesday, August 9 @ 12:00 est.
Please join the Customer Success Team for an interactive session with Chris Hartman, Ariba Discovery Consultant, and Daren Szakelyhidi, Solution Consultant, as we present Ariba Discovery.