Take a penny…leave a penny – Take a Sourcing template…leave a Sourcing template.


In all the years that I have been involved in the Procurement and Sourcing one common thing I hear is:  Where are the templates?  I know someone else has done this category before and probably on your tool so why do I have to start from scratch?  Well, we agree and with our “social media for Procurement people” tools that are now available we have done something about it.


As of today you can find Sourcing templates covering the RFI stage and RFP stage for a few categeories in the Sourcing page of Ariba Exchange under the tag “rfp_template”.   There is no cost to get these….just use them - that’s all we want.  Use them to drive out cost, use them to source more spend, use them to build libraries of knowledge for your business.  But basically use them to drive adoption of these tools in your company and we are all the better for it!

One thing we will ask; is that you share.  Share your templates back up to the site so that the others can utilize what you have put together as well.  The community has to make this work and contribute or this will not sustain.  So – what templates do you have on your computer that you can put into the mix? This only works if we all contribute.  We're getting the ball rolling with a dozen or so templates that some of our pilot members will contribute so now please add yours.  The best thing is that there are no catches and no surprises.  You do not even need to be an Ariba customer to get them.  This is simply about driving adoption and increasing the sourcing community’s ability to share knowledge.  So again….if you use a template, then at some point post one on the site.  The category does not matter as there are definitely others who watch to address their spend in the same area.