What a great idea!!!!


In the 8 years I have been at Ariba, there is one common request I hear among all our sourcing clients. "I have a sourcing project do you (Ariba) have a template I could leverage .... with over 400 sourcing customers and the largest business commerce network you must have something to share." Now, I am pleased to say that we do. Within our community we have a library of sourcing templates (http://exchange.ariba.com/community/solutions/sourcing).


The idea is based on the concept of "Take a penny...leave a penny". We have a strong starting point with over 20 sourcing categories. Please use them...no strings attached...except one...please share. The idea is based upon our vision to enable better commerce and collaborate with all our trading partners. Therefore, all we ask is that you add to the community as well. If you have any past sourcing templates post them here for others to leverage (http://exchange.ariba.com/community/solutions/sourcing?view=tags&tags=rfp_template).