Ariba Sourcing automatically generates notifications to inform users about the state of an event. Depending on the situation, Ariba Sourcing sends notifications as instant messages, emails, or both.  Ariba Sourcing also lists notifications on the Log tab, to serve as a record of your event.

For example:

  • When you publish an event, the system automatically sends invitation email to invited participants. The system does not send instant messages, since generally your participants are not logged into the system at that time. The system generates different emails depending on whether or not a participant has used the system before. The system also logs this action to the Log tab
  • If you cancel an event while in progress, the system automatically sends participants both an instant message and an email, since they are probably logged in at that time. The system also logs this action to the Log tab.
  • Notification content is determined by a template. You can modify the templates for a single user in an event, for all users in an event, and for all events. The templates use special capitalized variables enclosed by brackets to insert contextual information into the notification.
  • Administrators can customize notifications for all events that take place in Ariba Sourcing. The notifications that the system sends on your behalf appear to participants as communication directly from your business to theirs. Edit these templates to ensure they give the correct impression of your business.
  • You can customize notifications for a specific event, and for a specific participant in the event. For example, if you are an owner who wants to deviate from the site-wide templates for a single event, you can do that. Or, if you know that a certain participant is particularly inexperienced, you can edit their message templates to make the information more detailed.
  • Ariba Sourcing addresses and sends automatic notifications according to preprogrammed rules. You can change their content, but you cannot stop the system from generating them, nor alter to whom the system sends them. Instant Messages are displayed on both the Event Messages and the Notifications pages.

          *Note:  Participants must maintain an accurate email address in their user profile. Participants whose email addresses are incorrect do not receive automatic notification emails from Ariba Sourcing.

Please consult the Ariba Event Management Guide located in the HELP section of your site for examples of the notifications you might see generated from the system.

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