Below is a link where you can review a recent webinar presented by Ariba's CMO and the Best Practice Center entitled Building an RFP (Ariba Sourcing - Session 1 of 2).  The Webinar description is as follows:


This session (in conjunction with “Building an RFP – Session #2) is designed to get you comfortable with creating an event in the Ariba Sourcing solution. This session is designed for someone without experience in the Ariba Sourcing solutions, and there are no recommended prerequisites. Topics in this session will include:
     - Dashboard Configuration – General Orientation, Customization, Search, Manage, Preferences
     - Creating a Quick Project (RFI, RFP, Auction or Forward Auction) and choosing the appropriate template
          o Setting up Rules – including Timing Rules, Bidding Rules, Market Feedback
          o Setting up the Team – Observers, Project Owner, Team Graders
          o Adding Suppliers – Adding Suppliers to the database and Event, Basic Discovery
          o RFP Content – creating Sections, Questions, Requirements, Prerequisites
          o Summary – Customizing Notifications and Publishing the RFP Event


Please use this link to access the webinar recording: