Thank you to those of you who attended this Webinar.  Below are a few of the questions from the sessions with their corresponding answers.  The full list of questions and answers from the session is attached to this post.  Please feel free to use Ariba Exchange to respond to this post and interact with your peers.  We look forward to speaking with you again in a future session!


Question: Can I add tasks to the mandatory task list?

Answer: Yes, new mandatory tasks can be added to an existing list.


Question: If I copy a document from another module, will it then automatically be updated if the original is updated?

Answer: No, it will not update automatically.


Question: If you use URL to go to  a website is it necessary for the user to sign in to the site with userID and password?

Answer: Yes, the user will need to login to Ariba in order to access that URL.


Question: if parent is not populated on set up, will the enhancement work link new orgs to the appropriate Parent

Answer: The supplier will be able to link children on USE (Unified Seller Experience), but this doesn’t get reflected in any customer’s supplier record, this is for the supplier’s convenience and management. The customer can link children on upstream supplier database, but this doesn’t get reflected in USE.