Thank you to those of you who attended this Webinar.  Below are the questions from the sessions with their corresponding answers.  Please feel free to use Ariba Exchange to respond to this post and interact with your peers.  We look forward to speaking with you again in a future session!


Question: Do external graders need to be set up by the Ariba administrator?

Answer: No, clicking on the option will allow users to enter the information needed.


Question: Does Ariba ever plan to have team participation in the weighting and importance or just on the scoring?

Answer: Team members can certainly go in and adjust/set up the weighting/importance in scoring if they are added to the team for the event as either active observers or project owners. There is no specific task/group linked to this but the availability is certainly there. You could set up a custom task in a template to require this if needed.


Question: So after all the grades are in, what is the next step?

Answer: Once all Graders have submitted their input, the Project Owner goes to 'Consensus Grading' makes any adjustments if needed and then clicks 'Submit'. This will close the task and show the final grades for suppliers in the 'Content' View and in Report Exports.


Question: External Graders option is available on 9r1 version?

Answer: This feature was not released until after 9r1.


Question: What happens to the score when graders do not grade?

Answer: The score will be calculated based on the input received. The Consensus Grading View will show the input from all graders, and will allow adjustments as needed.