How do you get your company heading down the path to increased success?  Harness the power of Ariba Discovery!

Make sure your own team succeeds

  • Define goals (e.g. 20 postings/month)
  • Identify lead within your team (e.g. admin and users)
  • Set up a process
  • Have your team attend a demo

Share your success internally

  • Meet with functional buyers in your company

Request a meeting with your leadership

  • Make it a company-wide process

Harness the power of the advanced matching service

Spend less time searching and researching — Buyers can specify their requirements in 10-15 minutes and  Ariba Discovery find qualified matches.

Ariba Discovery allows buyers to specify over 15 different attributes for prospective sellers, further pinpointing they type of sellers they want to evaluate

Rich seller profiles that uniquely combines seller provided information, community information (references & ratings), Ariba activity information and third party (D&B) information, allows for sellers to present unique information about their capabilities to help buyers make more informed decisions

In the past 12 months, Ariba Discovery has:

Distributed over 15M business opportunities

Delivered over 15,000 matches between buyers and sellers