The focus of this Tip of the Week is the 13s Sourcing Release which is headed your way in March/April 2014. Whether you are new to Ariba or are a solution-veteran, it is important to take time to understand what is coming in this new release and how it may impact your processes. On Demand upgrades are rolled out simultaneously to all impacted solutions, and like your local mail carrier... neither rain, nor sleet nor unprepared customers will stop this release. Ariba has changed the way that we do upgrades. We now have more frequent and more focused releases. The first step for you to prepare for this release is to review the Early Access Program on Connect and to sign up for the Early Access Program.







Important Dates


Ariba On-Demand 13s Sourcing Timeline (subject to changes)     

December 20, 2013 Deadline for submitting Early Access Applications - Extended
January, 2014 Early Access Exploration Available for Participants
March / April 2014 Ariba On-Demand 13s Sourcing Deployment



Ariba 13s Sourcing (formerly referred to as Ariba Release 13s1) is planned for deployment as part of the Ariba Cloud Applications release scheduled for 2014 March/April time frame. This release primarily focuses on features that covers the following solutions:


  • Ariba Spend Visibility
  • Ariba Sourcing
  • Ariba Contracts Management
  • Ariba Supplier Information Management
  • Ariba Supplier Information Performance Management



Log in today and register to participate in Early Access testing for our newest release.....don't be left wondering what you missed out on!  Register today!