Most thought leaders and analysts agree, effective spend analysis is the key to the castle of significant untapped savings.  Building an effective business case, however, requires a suite-level approach that considers effective management of all spend management disciplines including sourcing, contract management, supplier management, and procurement.


For example, one of the primary drivers of a spend analysis program is to increase spend capture through better and more useful data/information and more efficient strategic sourcing processes.  A suite approach offers the additional benefits of streamlined supplier identification and qualification, effective sourcing processes and tools, and efficiencies in the contracting process. Similar suite-level benefits exist when examing other components of the spend analysis value prop such as improved compliance, improved supplier performance, and improved sourcing effectiveness.


Based on a combination of analyst benchmarks the benefits of customers, Ariba is currently in the process of building and publishing a benefits calculator that takes into account both the stand-alone benefits as well as suite-level components of effective spend analysis.


If you would like a sneak preview of this tool, or would like to share your thoughts on the subject, please comment here or reach out to me directly at



Ken Miklos

Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager