Ariba Spend Management 10s2 introduces custom reporting facts, which allow you to load other kinds of data from third-party systems into Ariba Spend Management and run analytical reports to show this data side-by-side with Ariba Spend Management data. With custom fact tables you can load third-party supplier risk data for use in surveys, spend forecast data for reporting alongside Ariba Spend Visibility invoice spend data or even order fulfillment data for reporting alongside Ariba Contract Management workspaces.


Custom reporting facts are not enabled by default. To enable custom reporting facts, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on Ariba services.


Max Stockhausen is a Customer Success  Manager with Ariba. All customers are invited to join the private Customer Success group on Ariba Exchange, where you can access the Customer Success  Spotlights, Lunch 'n Learn Webinar calendar and replays, and the Ariba  Knowledge Nuggets.