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For those who have recently viewed the Basic Reporting and Site Navigation webinar, or for those who would like to take their spend analysis for the next level, we are excited to share the webinar recording, slide deck, and Q&A for the Advanced Reporting webinar.


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Tristan Robinson

SV Project Manager


Ariba SV Advanced Reporting Webinar

Presented by Simon Hauser on 5-30-2012


This session is designed to take a look at advanced reporting functionality within Analysis. This session is designed for users who are already comfortable creating analytical reports. Although not required, it is recommended that users attend the Basic Reporting and Site Navigation course prior to this session. Topics in this session will include:


  • Compound reports
  • Multi-fact reports (both styles)
  • User defined measures
  • Data access controls, including the type of fields that can be included and how to implement these controls
  • Benchmark reports, including background on Ariba’s inclusion of CPI / PPI data within Analysis


Webinar Recording Link: http://bit.ly/1f8taFV


The Q&A and Slide Deck are attached to this post.