One of the ways you can drive sustainable value is to participate in the Spend Visibility Benchmarking program.  Regular benchmarking can help you make effective purchasing decisions by comparing key metrics on your commodity, supplier and usage data with peers.


You can gain valuable insight into your performance, and more importantly, discover what levels of performance are possible based on your peers.  Starting Q3 2015, annual Spend Visibility Benchmarking cycles will enable you to consistently measure progress towards the targets you set for your organization.  Reports cover twelve months of spend data and are presented in an easy-to-consume format so that you can benchmark your organization against industry peers and overall benchmarking peers.  Reports include:


  • Spend profile comparisons by major categories including direct, indirect, services, and travel
  • Top 10 commodity comparisons by spend and supplier counts
  • KPI comparisons including such metrics as:
    • Total Annual Invoice pend as a percentage of Sales/Revenue
    • Average Annual Invoice Spend per Supplier
    • Average Annual Invoice Spend of Top 5 Suppliers
    • Average Spend per Invoice
    • Percent of Total Spend on PO
    • Percent of Total Spend on PCard
    • and many other KPIs


To learn how you compare against your peers, click to enroll. 

Shortly after enrollment, you will be contacted by the Benchmarking team to get you started.  If you have any questions, please contact