Whether you use your own Custom Category or the out-of-box UNSPSC provided in Spend Visibility, it's important to keep the foundational Ariba Classification Taxonomy (ACT) up-to-date.  The latest version, ACT 9.5, incorporates over 30,000 new codes from both customer-specific requests and UNSPSC 15.11.01.  New codes have been added to all segments with an emphasis on:


  • Food Products
  • Live Plant and Animal Material
  • Manufacturing Components
  • Distribution and Conditioning Systems
  • Structures, Building, Construction & Manufacturing Components


Which ACT version do you have?  If you are not sure which version you have, simply ask your Spend Visibility Project Manager.  If you are on ACT 9.5, your UNSPSC dimension will contain over 58,000 codes.  If you are on the previous ACT 9.4, the dimension will contain over 24,000 codes.


How can you get ACT 9.5?  New customers as of Q4 2015, are automatically on ACT 9.5, however, existing customers will require an upgrade.  Your Spend Visibility Project Manager will orchestrate the upgrade, usually during a refresh.  Please work with your Spend Visibility Project Manager to make sure you have the latest version applied to your realm by Q2 2016.


Will any spend be impacted by the upgrade?  Roughly 3% of the ACT 9.4 codes have changed.  Depending on which codes were actively used to categorize your spend, you may see different descriptions, level changes, and/or merged spend.  The majority of changes relate to minor description changes.  For example, the 9.4 description for "7178 alloy" has changed to "Aluminum alloy 7178" in 9.5.  A few codes moved up or down a level in the hierarchy, and in some cases, they were merged.  For example, "Processed Peaches" and "Preserved Peaches" in 9.4 were merged to "Canned or jarred peaches" in 9.5.  As part of the upgrade process, your Project Manager can create a spend impact report comparing spend in both ACT 9.5 and ACT 9.4 categories.


Why is it important to be up-to-date?  Taxonomies evolve over time.  By staying current, you will avail yourself to the latest categories and additional levels of granularity as they are influenced by customers and standards councils.


Does this have any impact on the out-of-box UNSPSC in Spend Visibility?  No.  The out-of-box UNSPSC delivered with Spend Visibility will remain the same.