The long-waited AN48 release is coming!  I am extremely excited about this release because it offers many new capabilities designed to help you gain more value from your eBusiness relationships powered by Ariba Supplier Network.


For all the order managers from the suppliers, I would like to highlight a  feature that will put a stop to the frustrations of identifying PO changes and adjustments. It's called "What's Changed on a Change PO". This feature will provide a clear visual indicator for suppliers to easily see what has changed as well as the "before vs. after" values.

For details of this feature, please see the attached slides.  And,  many thanks for the suppliers who have collaborated with me on this feauture during the last 8 months.


As the Ariba Network always strives to provide value to our buers and suppliers community by continously enhancing the network and build relationships with all customers, please drop me a note to let us know -


1) How do you like the new design?  Do you consider it valuable for your business processes?

2) What else we can do to make it even better for you.




Marsha Ma


Marsha Ma | Sr. Product Manager, Network Order  and Catalog | Ariba, Inc.