Suppliers often face challenges in  their quote-to-order processes, especially for  the configurable goods and procurement for complex commodities and services.  
Those  challenges include
- Increased operational costs on managing change orders and complex order  details with your customers
- Lack of details on the PO for sales visibility, receiving, invoice reconciliation and payment
- Increased  days of sales outstanding.

The Ariba Network is developing a new product called quote-to-order  collaboration  The attached deck will provide everything you need to know  about how the new product will address your pain  points and the potential roadmap ideas.

I would love to collaborate with any buyers and suppliers on the network to develop the product roadmap for this new product.  If you have any thoughts, conerns and suggestions on this idea, please feel free to leave me comments on this post.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Marsha Ma | Sr. Product Manager, Network Order  and Catalog | Ariba, Inc.