The Ariba Commerce Cloud is here.  Future vision is here today.  Speed to Value and a Cloud based Solution Set is here to bring our customers, both buyers and sellers, the value they are looking for by moving outside the "Firewall" and by adopting more "Inter-Enterprise" applications and the features and services that come with this.


With this Ariba continues to expand our Ariba Network Partner Ecosystem by partnering with the seasoned Integration as a Service Provider, Hubspan.  Hubspan for 10 years has had the laser focused vision of integrating buyers and sellers to Web Based products, services and solutions.  They have specialized in working with what buyers and sellers have today relative to their middleware infrastructure, behind the firewall technologies and approaches to integrating and transacting outside of their firewall.


When Ariba says that commerce is hard, but with the Aribe Commerce Cloud solutions we make it easier, we see this related to not just the features and functionality used on a day to day basis, but also the the initial and ongoing integration required to extend your behind the firewall applications out to the Ariba Commerce Cloud solutions.  Integration and the ongoing stability, reliability and security of how CIO's today integrate into the Cloud is one of the most critical aspects of any Buyer and Sellers Cloud Strategy.  Ariba offers a portfolio of integration options and has optomized this over the last 11 years with the launch of the Ariba Network back in 1999.  Today, with the announcement of our partnership with Hubspan, we have expanded our portfolio of integration options to include another option focused on dealing with your current complexity of your behind the firewall systems where we will offer adaptive integration options to deal with what you have today minimizing the integration IT work needed.  We also offer the option to have the integration infrastructure out in the Cloud and "Pre-Connected" to the Ariba Network ready day one to support all 13 Ariba cXML B2B eCommerce document types.


Ariba is the leading provider of cXML based eCommerce document types built into the Ariba Network.  Our customers can "Connect Once" to the Ariba Network for all their electronic transactions needs to do business with their trading partners and to manage their Electronic Supply Chain.  By adding Hubspan to our Ariba Network Ecosystem Partners, we offer an even faster and more flexible integration option all delivered with a simple subscription fee, no standard setup or startup fees.  You can now get up and running to share PO's, Receive Invoices and make Payments with your key business partners.


We encourage all of our Buyer and Sellers to consider fully integrating with each other to gain the full benefits of the Ariba Commerce Cloud solutions and to get those benefits faster all under a simple subscription fee.  Connecting to the Cloud is the TOP Strategic Initiative of both CIO's and top business executives today.  Ariba is here to deliver solutions to meet those strategic initiatives.


Ariba Press Release:


Ariba and Hubspan Team to Connect Companies in the Cloud



Integration service allows businesses to seamlessly connect ERP and other backend systems to partners using the Ariba Commerce Cloud and drive better commerce

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 13, 2010 – Partner integration is a complex and burdensome task. But it just got a lot easier. Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA), the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, and Hubspan Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based business integration solutions, today announced a new service designed to help businesses quickly and cost-effectively connect their ERP and other backend systems to partners using the Ariba® Commerce Cloud™ and reap the benefits that it provides.

"Cloud solutions are the ticket to better commerce, but they must be tightly integrated with systems used to manage internal transactions and interactions with key trading partners," said Bhaskar Himatsingka, Chief Technology Officer, Ariba. "In joining forces with Hubspan, Ariba makes it easier than ever for buyers and sellers to connect their existing order management, financial and online commerce systems to the Ariba Network and take advantage of the services available in the Ariba Commerce Cloud."

The Ariba Commerce Cloud is the most-efficient, effective, and universally adopted platform for global commerce between businesses and contains everything that's needed to drive it, including:

  • Market-leading applications for Spend Management, Collaborative Finance Management, and Sales Acceleration Management – all delivered as scalable, cost-effective and burden-free cloud-based services
  • The Ariba Network, the world's largest Web-based trading community, empowering more than 300,000 global businesses to discover, connect, and collaborate for better commerce
  • Ariba Exchange, the industry-leading customer community where companies can network, share best practices, and collaborate with partners and peers
  • Market, category, technical, strategic and other expert capabilities that can be accessed on-site or remotely via the Web as needed to support ever-changing business needs and objectives

Leveraging Hubspan's cloud-based business integration platform, Ariba will enable companies to seamlessly connect multiple ERP and other backend systems to their partners using the Ariba Commerce Cloud without the high costs and complexity of doing it on their own. Hubspan enables integration and interoperability across all major ERP, Supply Chain, and CRM systems, including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel,, Baan, and more. As a cloud platform delivered as a service, Hubspan manages mappings to all system upgrades and allows companies to scale their integration to the Ariba Commerce Cloud as their systems and infrastructure evolve and change.

"Companies of all sizes need an easier way to manage commerce and exchange information in real-time with customers and partners across the demand and supply chain ecosystem, and many are turning to cloud solutions for the economic and business benefits," said Trisha Gross, President and CEO, Hubspan. "By combining the Ariba Commerce Cloud with the Hubspan integration cloud, companies achieve easy and cost-effective business process integration that drives business growth."

More than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 rely on Ariba to drive more efficient, effective and collaborative commerce. So do 300,000 other companies. To learn more about Ariba's solutions and the value they deliver, visit




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