Ariba Discovery Seller Benefits:

  • Multi-dimensional matching capabilities give you most relevant business opportunities
  • Get to the right decision maker with real budget to start building relationships
  • Streamlined collaboration with potential buyers online
  • Enhanced sales and marketing efficiency to relevant buyers


3 Best Practices to follow when using Ariba Discovery:


#1 Ensure your profile is 100% complete: Buyers want to know as much about your company as possible when you respond to their opportunity.  Incomplete information can result in a bad first impression.


#2 Involve your marketing department: E-intros are a great way to introduce your company to over 3,000 Ariba global buying organizations representing more than 3 billion in annual spend.  Work with your marketing department to create a message that will resonate with Ariba's buyers.


#3 Make sure the right contacts are receiving the business opportunities: Discovery now has a sales contact role that can be assigned to sales teams.   Simply create those users in your Discovery account and assign them the sales role and they will be able to start responding to RFIs, RFQs, and e-intros.



For more best practices and support with Discovery contact your account manager at Ariba.


Good luck!