We are pleased to announce that the scheduled deployment of Ariba  Network Release 49 was successfully  completed. This release offers new  capabilities designed to help you make the most of your business   relationships on Ariba Network.

See the Release Guide for a comprehensive description of the new capabilities and changes to existing  functionality at:  https://knowledge.ariba.com/AribaNetwork-ReleaseGuide.pdf (English only).

The following provides a short list of some of the features and enhancements that are now available to you:


Ariba Supplier Enablement Automation; Task List: Dramatically improves  enablement of new trading relationships on Ariba Network and helps to  increase customer satisfaction through easy collaboration. The task list  provides  suppliers an overview of all assigned tasks by activities per  customer. Pending tasks are highlighted and reminders are  sent when  tasks are overdue. A customer-specific Information Portal allows the  buyer to include additional content and  reference files.

eInvoicing Enhancements: Ariba has significantly enhanced our eInvoicing  offering with new  services and features to simplify use and compliance  with international tax laws, including the following:

Automatic Invoice Archive File Delivery:  Automates delivery of invoice  archive zip files. Instead of logging  on to download these files,  suppliers can transmit invoice archive zip files  via https to their own archiving solution, to an Ariba service, or to an  eArchiving provider.

Enhanced Paperless Invoicing: Extended support of paperless invoicing in  Singapore and Czech Republic for invoices  in foreign currencies.

Simplified Tax Compliance: Support for  e-Invoicing in Australia, New  Zealand, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, and South  Africa, making it  easier for suppliers to comply with local tax invoice laws.

PDF Versions of cXML Invoices: Provides  easily-read versions of cXML  invoices to simplify invoice viewing and reading  in bulk for suppliers  and auditors.

Ariba Catalog Tester Enhancement: Ariba replaced the drop-down list in  the Catalog Tester with an auto-completion  chooser which allows users  to perform a more detailed search. Search results now display  information such as credential name, Ariba buyer version, created by and  last updated by data, making it easier for suppliers to select  different customer credentials during testing.


Automatic Invoice Archive File Delivery: Automates delivery of invoice  archive zip files. Instead of logging on to  download these files,  buyers and suppliers can transmit invoice archive zip files via https to their own archiving  solution, to an Ariba service, or to an eArchiving provider.

Supplier Self-Signed Invoices: Suppliers who have implemented their own  digital signature solution (via cXML) can now create self-signed  invoices. Buyers may choose to allow supplier self-signing via a  configurable business rule: ("Allow supplier self-signed cXML  invoices").

Catalog Self-Service: Automatically validates catalog updates against  Ariba Network and customer-specific validation  rules before publishing  to ensure that supplier catalogs are always current and accurate.


Ariba Supplier Enablement Automation; Dramatically improves management  and tracking of supplier enablement and  replaces manual tracking tools  such as spreadsheets or offline databases. Ariba Supplier Enablement  Automation embeds  supplier enablement task assignment, delivery of  automated notifications, reminders, and status tracking into the  Ariba  Network. This empowers buying organizations or assigned third-party  service providers with self-service capabilities  to invite multiple  suppliers and ramp them quickly on the Ariba Network.

Ariba Payment Professional: Improved error handling and routing status,  including the ability for business users to  resolve payment problems  without requiring IT resources.

Advanced Ship Notices Requirement for Invoicing: Requires Advanced Ship  Notices for an order before invoices can be  submitted to assist in  improving supply chain compliance. Provides flexibility for suppliers  wishing to modify quantities  before shipping.

Large Document Attachment Support: Increases the size limit on document attachments from 4Mb to 10Mb.

Enhanced Discount Metrics Reports: Valuable new discount reports that  show monthly and 12-month rolling aggregate data for key discount  metrics.

Enforced Standing Early Payment Terms: Provides ability to assign and  enforce pre-negotiated early payment terms  through the Ariba Network  without requiring additional supplier acceptance of those terms.

Automatic Invoice Archive File Delivery: Automates delivery of invoice  archive zip files. Instead of logging on to  download these files,  buyers and suppliers can transmit invoice archive zip files via https to their own archiving  solution, to an Ariba service, or to an eArchiving provider.

Enhanced Supplier Matching: To boost the quality of matches between  Supplier Discovery Postings and suppliers,  the system now empowers  users with the ability to indicate bad matches. Indicating bad matches  gives Ariba the ability  to continue to improve matching in the future.  Suppliers can also add sub-users to their account, expanding the number   of users that can log in to Discovery. To improve geographical  matching, buyers and suppliers are now required to select  precise  territories for postings and supplier profiles.

Improved Communications: Enhancements have been made to Ariba  Discovery's posting and response process to help increase   communications and give greater transparency to suppliers. When a  response to a posting has been read, Ariba Discovery  now sends  notifications to suppliers. When a posting is closed, Ariba Discovery  will send a summary that lists how many shortlists and awards were  involved to suppliers, as well as an alert to buyers encouraging them to  shortlist and rate suppliers. Suppliers can also more easily opt-out of  specific types of messages using the improved opt-out control panel  in  their profile.

More Detailed Commodity Selection: When selecting goods or services  (commodities) users will be required to make more  detailed selections.  This will improve the general data quality of both supplier profiles and  buyers' postings. Buyers  will be further limited to selecting up to  three commodities, in order to assure a more limited and accurate match  with supplier capabilities. Purchasing needs that span more than three  commodities should be broken up into multiple postings,  so each  good/service need is matched with the most applicable and capable  suppliers.

Ariba Activity Data: In a release scheduled for later this fall, Ariba  Discovery will add a new tab in suppliers’  profiles which allows the  community to view suppliers’ activity across multiple Ariba solutions,  including Ariba Sourcing, the Ariba Network and Ariba Discovery.  Aggregated data gathered from various application systems provides more  in-depth  detail about the capabilities, performance, qualifications,  and competitiveness of suppliers.

Abuse Reporting Tool: Ariba Discovery now gives buyers the ability to  report and flag suppliers who respond to postings with spam messages or  abuse and misuse the system. When an abuse incident is reported, an  investigation is triggered to  evaluate the situation.

Release 49 provides support for additional languages: notification  emails, Terms of Service content, and user interface  elements are now  available in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish Hungarian, Polish and Russian  languages.

To learn more about the new features in this release, please take advantage of the following resources:

- Updated documentation on Help@Ariba
- Fixed Defect Descriptions at    https://connect.ariba.com/anreleasenote.htm
- Customer Support FAQ at     http://knowledge.ariba.com/anfaq

Forgot your password? Go to http://supplier.ariba.com or http://buyer.ariba.com and click the "Forgot your password?" link below the login prompt to initiate a password reset.

If you experience any problems with this release and need assistance, please contact Ariba Customer Support as described below.

As always, thank you for using the Ariba Network.