Ariba DiscoveryTM – Highlighted Key Features (June 2011)


Ariba Discovery™ helps instantly match buyers with the right sellers by putting the world's premier active business network at your disposal, with just a click! Check out the latest features now available with our most recent release.


New Features for Sellers


Updated Subscription Packages

As a result of enhanced capabilities and increased buyer posting volume, Ariba Discovery™ seller subscription packages have been expanded to 3 tiers: Standard, Advantage, and Advantage Plus. Upgrading from a standard package gives you enhanced capabilities to build your company profile, market your capabilities, get noticed by buyers faster, and communicate with buyers more efficiently.


Dashboard Management

Three key improvements are now available. First, sellers can now use the Activity page to view key information about their Ariba Discovery™ profile. Second, they can use the Activity page to view the number leads matching their capabilities, leads they have viewed, interactions they have had with buyers, and much more. Finally, sellers can view buyers’ company information and recent buying activity.


Lead Management

To help sellers better manage leads, a new role, Sales Contact, has been added to Ariba Discovery™. The Sales Contact role contains preset permissions that can help selected personnel quickly and efficiently respond to buyer postings.


New Features for Buyers


Advanced Posting Filters

Buyers can now provide more details when creating a post, allowing them to pinpoint sellers they are looking for.


Easy Seller Referencing

When a seller invites a buyer to provide a reference, the buyer can provide the reference without having to creating an Ariba Discovery™ account first.



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