Leading the next wave of innovation for matching business buyers and  sellers globally, Ariba intends to launch Ariba DiscoveryTM Release 7.0  in late spring, 2011.


With this new release, Sellers will benefit from improved  profiles, lead and dashboard management capabilities, making the sales  and marketing process more effective. Buyers will benefit from enhanced posting tools to better pinpoint sellers they are looking for.




Advanced Posting Filters
Buyers can now provide more details when creating a post, allowing you to quickly pinpoint the sellers you are looking for.


Easy Seller Referencing
When a seller invites you to provide a reference, you can provide the  reference with an easy log-in process to quickly verify your identity.


View Seller’s Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Financial Risk Scores
When a seller responds to a Ariba Discovery posting, you will be able to  review that seller’s D&B financial risk data to make a more  informed seller evaluation decision. This will greatly enhance your  ability to identify new sellers using Ariba Discovery.  These scores are  only available for Advantage and Advantage Plus sellers.




Updated Service Subscription Packages
As a result of enhanced capabilities and increased buyer posting volume,  Ariba Discovery seller subscription packages have been expanded to 3  tiers: Standard, Advantage, and Advantage Plus. Upgrading from a  Standard package gives seller enhanced capabilities to build company  profile, market seller capabilities, get noticed by buyers faster, and  communicate with buyers more efficiently. Within seller company profile,  if the seller subscribes to Advantage or Advantage Plus service  package, their D&B financial risk scores will be visible to buyers  who view their profile. This would allow buyers to make more informed  decisions during seller selection.


Dashboard Management
Three key improvements are now available. First, sellers can now use the  Activity page to view key information about their Ariba Discovery  profile. Second, they can use the Activity page to view the number of  leads matching their capabilities, leads they have viewed, interactions  they have had with buyers, and much more. Finally, sellers can view  buyers’ company information and recent buying activity.


Lead Management
To help sellers better manage leads, a new role, Sales Contact, has been  added to Ariba Discovery. The Sales Contact role contains preset  permissions that can help the person most responsible for managing leads  quickly and efficiently evaluate and respond to buyer postings.


For more information, visit http://www.ariba.com/go/Discovery, or contact your Ariba Account Manager, or click here to view a recorded webinar about these exciting new features.


As always, thank you for using Ariba solutions.




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