Increased cash flow = Increased ability to scale = Increased Revenue = Better bottom line...period!


If you are a supplier attending Ariba Live, make sure to attend the session below where mediafly will share how access to accelerated cash flow enabled them to add release cycles, produce more product and increase their revenues.  If you are a Buyer attending Ariba Live, you will want to attend this session as well to hear how important this is to your suppliers and how you can help yourselves by helping them access the cash they need to grow with you (and you'll also learn about the awesome things mediafly can do to help your business too!).


To learn a bit more about why this is important to suppliers and about Mediafly, read my blog from last week here.




Accelerating Receivables through the Ariba Network

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 1:15pm



Cash can be hard to come by when uncertain economic conditions compel customers to delay payments. And in many cases, late payment is an unintentional result of your customers’ manual and cumbersome invoice and payment processes. But Ariba helps your customers streamline their processes to ensure on-time payment to you, and further offers multiple ways to help you unlock the value tied up in your accounts receivable. You can gain faster payment by offering customers discounts and by using Ariba Receivables Financing, which enables you to engage with a global network of capital providers that will bid on your receivables through competitive auctions. Join a panel of sellers, large and small, who have benefited from using Ariba to secure on-time – and early – payments.


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