Yesterday, my blog post was about what e-commerce integration is. Now, it's time to take a step further and learn:


What’s In It for You?


Staples: End-to-End Online Commerce Creates a Superior Shopping Experience and Reduces Service Calls 40 Percent

“The Ariba Network is a dependable platform that gives Staples flexibility to meet our customer requirements and allows us to continue to make the customer experience easy.”

Denis Kudriashov, Senior Manager, eProcurement, Staples


Check out this brief case study to see how integration has helped Staples drive impressive improvements in service and savings.


Integration offers dramatic efficiency gains and savings over paper or basic electronic methods, allowing you to achieve gains such as:

  • Faster payment and lower DSO. By establishing systematic, repeatable electronic processes that eradicate the need for most manual handling of orders and invoices, integration significantly accelerates the order-to-cash cycle—shortening your time to payment and reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) by an average of 22 days.
  • Higher customer satisfaction, retention, and sales. Faster, more accurate order processing combined with an user experience drives major improvements in customer satisfaction, increasing customer retention as much as 48 percent and boosting existing account revenue close to 40 percent.
  • 75 percent lower order and invoice processing costs. Integration improves your operating efficiency and lowers your cost of doing business, which in turn enables you to make your products and services more price competitive.
  • Greater accuracy. By eliminating rekeying of documents and the need for human intervention, integration reduces error rates by 50 percent or more over paper-driven methods.


The chart below illustrates the increasing value you can gain by moving towards total automation.

Integration Chart.PNG

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