In the last two days, we have talked about the benefits of online catalogs, what the difference between CIF and PunchOut is, and how to choose. Now's time for you to learn how to get started.


To set up an e-catalog through Ariba, you first need to have a current Ariba Network account. For a CIF catalog, you’ll also need some familiarity with Excel or another compatible file format that can be used to provide catalog data. A PunchOut catalog requires you to have at least a basic e-commerce website on which customers can configure and place orders. The site should also be able to generate and process cXML documents, accommodate customization of content for individual customers, and provide secure login and password access.


If you’re creating your catalog at the request of a customer, you can take advantage of the support provided by Ariba’s dedicated enablement team. And any seller can use these resources:


  • Access online documentation by logging into your Ariba Network account, then clicking Help, Product Documentation, and Catalogs
  • Sign up for Ariba’s live webinars on CIF and/or PunchOut
  • Engage third-party solution providers to help you with specific aspects of developing and enabling your e-catalogs


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