Yesterday, we posted a blog that explained different social media tools available, today we'll share the importance of social media in your business marketing strategy. 


Why would I want to socialize my Ariba Commerce Cloud profile?

Think of it this way. Prospective customers view your Ariba Commerce Cloud profile because it contains valuable and unique information about your products, services, and capabilities—acting as a one-stop shop for all the relevant business data they need when deciding to do business with you.


What’s more, the fact that you’re already registered on Ariba can serve as a key selling factor, since it tells buying organizations you’re an e-savvy seller they can quickly start doing business with online. Interested buyers can easily add your profile to their supplier database, allowing you to bypass the expensive vetting process a non-Ariba seller would typically have to go through.


And as this article from Social Media Examiner points out, the potential customers you attract through social media—including Ariba customers—are typically at an earlier stage in the sales process, so you reach them before your competition. This expands your opportunity for conversion, giving you a bigger window in which to influence, engage, and converse with them in ways that can favorably influence their purchasing decisions.


In the Next Blog - How to get started with Social Media Tools

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