Yesterday, we posted a blog that told you why it's important to socialize your Ariba Commerce Cloud profile.  Today we'll tell you how to get started.  You can also read the full article in our Supply Lines group.


How can I get started?

Release 10 includes extensive improvements to the profile pages, so start by reviewing your profile to familiarize yourself with the new look and feel and make sure your information is current and complete.


You can download the “Find Us on Ariba” profile badge by logging into your account, selecting the “Click here to get your Ariba badge” link on the right-hand side of any page in your company profile, and choosing the size, shape, and style you prefer. Then just copy/paste the HTML code for the badge(s) you want onto your website or other media.




To set up your vanity URL, go to the “Basic” tab on your company profile page and select the customization option for your public profile URL. Then simply type in the words or phrases you want (up to 30 letters or numbers are allowed).




You can also take advantage of this Quick Start Guide to Ariba Discovery Release 10 to obtain detailed step-by-step instructions on using these and other exciting new Discovery features.