Sure, you want more business. You’re always looking for new ways to get your company in front of potential customers, and you use the best tools and tactics to support your marketing efforts. But there’s one simple strategy you may have overlooked: enhancing your Ariba Cloud profile.


All too often, sellers set up their Ariba profile quickly—perhaps eager to gain access to a sourcing event, or to start receiving leads through Ariba Discovery—and then forget about it. Yet your profile is like an untouched key you may not realize you have. By using it effectively, you can unlock the door to greater buyer exposure and high-quality business opportunities.


How does my Ariba profile translate to more business?


If you joined Ariba primarily to participate in sourcing events, your Ariba Cloud profile is probably low on your radar. But you may have noticed that since signing up, you sometimes receive new business postings from Ariba. Why? Because when buyers in an active purchasing cycle search for new sellers, Ariba Discovery matches their needs to the information in your profile and sends relevant leads to you. (If you signed up through Ariba Discovery, of course, the same thing occurs.) Once you respond, buyers review your profile in detail to assess your qualifications.


But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to using Ariba Discovery postings, buyers can conduct their own searches of seller profiles and contact you directly if they like what they see. And studies consistently show that sellers with complete, well-developed profiles get tapped more often than those without.


So when it comes to your profile, remember:


  • The opportunities are huge if you do it right. With 5B USD in potential new business posted in Ariba Discovery every year, the opportunities for lead capture and conversion are exceptional. What’s more, enhanced search capabilities in release 12s3 have increased direct buyer-to-seller contacts exponentially. But without a good profile, you won’t reap the benefits.


  • Quality in = quality out. Your profile is the face of your business to buyers, so be sure it represents you in the best possible light. A polished profile creates a positive impression and makes it easier for buyers to see if you have what they want. On the flip side, information gaps and inaccuracies can damage your credibility and impair search results, causing you to receive the wrong leads and miss out on those most relevant to your company.


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