It's challenging when you're a smaller seller trying to tap into large accounts. Well now there's a new process that makes it easier and faster for you, introducing Ariba Spot Buy.


spotbuy.pngWhat is Ariba Spot Buy?

Ariba Spot Buy is a unique set of tools powered by Ariba Discovery that addresses a major pain point for buying organizations—the need to quickly find qualified sellers for tactical purchases, or “spot buys.” These include:

  1. Unplanned, one-time, or emergency buys
  2. Buys in the 5K-100K USD range
  3. Buys in unmanaged categories
  4. Buys in new commodity areas

With simple navigation and easy access (the tools are directly integrated into multiple Ariba procurement solutions, including Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Procure-to-Pay, and Ariba Procure-to-Order), Ariba Spot Buy is rapidly gaining popularity among buyers as an effective way to find the right sellers fast.



In our next blog, we'll talk about the benefits of Ariba Spot Buy

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