Help your vendors integrate with you for faster, more accurate transactions using Dell Boomi.

So what is Dell Boomi? Let’s start with a quick rundown on what integration is. Integration involves your seller's instance on the Ariba Network being connected to their accounting or ERP system. What this means for your vendors is that their staff won't have to key order or invoice data into more than one place – the system moves transactions along within your systems as easily as they are moved by the Ariba Network between buyers and sellers.  Dell Boomi works through the web in a secure fashion. Basically, documents are transmitted electronically.  As Dell Boomi is a web application, installation of neither software nor hardware is required. Even sellers with limited technical knowledge can benefit from this integration technology. Dell Boomi is easy-to-use and is flexible in supporting their needs, and supports multiple SaaS and on-premise ERP and accounting applications.  Ariba offers connections to the most common applications in a turnkey fashion as shown here, and additional ones are also available on a custom basis.


Turnkey SaaS and On-Premise Applications:

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage 50 (formerly Sage Peachtree)

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dell Boomi gets its name from the fact that in 2010, Dell Computer bought Boomi, the company that was founded in 2000 and developed this technology.


Dell Boomi provides many advantages to Ariba Network Sellers:

With less reliance on manual processes like paper invoicing, PO Flip, etc., Dell Boomi allows sellers and buyers to electronically transmit documents to one another for quicker transmission and processing of documents.

By integrating your ERP system with the Ariba Network, there is less risk associated with human error when transmitting documents manually, thus increased accuracy, saving both time and money.

The benefit of increased accuracy brings with it fewer disputes on POs, invoices and order confirmations.

With Boomi, sellers work directly within their ERP; thus, no additional data entry is required to transmit documents, process orders and bills, and receive payment.

Dell Boomi provides monitoring capabilities such that sellers can view transmitted documents to ensure successful routing and receipt.

Sellers also benefit from the opportunity of faster payment – not because of any changes in terms, but simply because all transaction are done electronically, in real time, with less risk for mistake and error. By eliminating the potential for errors and disputes, sellers can process received payment faster, resulting in sooner cash on hand.

Dell Boomi provides one connection of the seller’s accounting or ERP system to the Ariba Network, not to each buyer. Thus, you can quickly and easily conduct transactions with multiple customers, and use either the legacy ERP or accounting system or the Ariba Network to get a full picture of all of your customer relationships.


Dell Boomi is easy and burden-free. It requires no additional resources and allows for quick, efficient document transmission. So how does Boomi work?

The seller connects their ERP or accounting system to Dell Boomi.

The seller generates documents within their ERP portal. These documents transmit between the ERP or accounting system and Dell Boomi where they are automatically formatted for transmission to the Ariba Network. This document transmission is done under secure web services. No EDI or cXML is required.

Once the respective document is successfully transmitted to the Ariba Network, it is electronically transmitted to and from the buyer for processing.



As part of the new Supplier Membership Program, Ariba fully supports, and even includes, Dell Boomi technology in its two top-tier subscription levels, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

The Dell Boomi connectors are prebuilt, making integrations scalable, flexible and easy to use. No development work is required, and no customer coding is necessary.

Ariba provides set-up support, working with sellers to gather requirements and understand the seller’s application data structure and design, and will then configure the connector and develop data field maps.

Implementation is quick. Because there is no development work and we provide set-up support as a value-add, Dell Boomi can be deployed quickly and easily.

We also provide testing support. Before sellers conduct live transactions with buyers, Ariba will ensure that the Dell Boomi integration connectors are functioning properly to make certain that no bugs nor errors exist that could potentially impact document transfer in later stages.


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