I have been thinking lately about the relationship between Marsha and Sam. You know, the characters from the comic strip “Adventures in E-Commerce” (see links below). I know they kind of act like a reality T.V. couple, but let’s be honest…we’re all wishing we could say that at some point. Right?


Anyway, what got me thinking was that Ariba Discovery is kind of unique among lead generation tools.  It doesn't work just as a traditional lead funnel—the more leads in, the more come out as prospects on the bottom—but like social marketing. Real companies looking for real goods and services from companies they want to get to know—the friends of friend’s type of thing. Maybe they don’t always buy something, but no one I know fills out a form if they don’t have some interest in the results.


Maybe, just maybe, Ariba Discovery is one of those rare social vehicles that allow both sales and marketing pros to meet their objectives. Marketing gets to highlight their company skills among a targeted audience and sales gets some leads from companies who are actually shopping for something to buy—now, not 5 years from now.


So if you haven’t seen the drama unfolding between Marsha and Sam, click on the links below to read their stories. They seem to work out their differences, so maybe they can also offer you some great new ideas.