I had the opportunity recently to sit in on a call with a fairly new customer to the Ariba Network. Like many of you, one of their key accounts was requiring them to integrate their PO processes using Ariba. They had procrastinated, passed it off among people around the office, and it had finally landed with the IT guy, who was on point to have it done before the holiday break.


Not so unusual. What struck me is how much this customer reminded me of Marty, our fictional IT character who is also challenged with a last minute integration to the Ariba Network. In this case however, the customer wasn't getting any outside pressure to actually integrate their back-end systems. Their receivables group was more than happy to manually input the PO’s into Ariba.  However, when we mentioned that we had adapters already built for Quickbooks, he was more than happy to jump on board and go immediately to true integration.


He put it this way (I paraphrase):  "It may be 6 months from now, maybe longer, but I will be right back here starting the process all over again. So, why not just do it right the first time?". Sure, it took a little more effort to get his house in order, but in a few short weeks, PO’s were moving back and forth on Ariba—without fail..


If you haven’t read Marty’s story about Integrating to the Ariba Network, check it out. Sometimes art (or a comic strip) really does mimic life.